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30 Days of Gratitude: Harmony Activities for November

November is a special time to express gratitude for our families and classmates.

Here are 30 questions to spark discussions of gratitude and friendship for friends and families. The questions may be used for Meet Up and Buddy Up routines or as writing prompts for journals or a seasonal bulletin board. You may also wish to share these prompts for a family project.

Day 1: What does it mean to you to give thanks?

Day 2: What is one thing you are thankful for about your buddy this week?Thanksgiving blog

Day 3: What is your buddy thankful for?

Day 4: What do you appreciate about being in our class?

Day 5: What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?

Day 6: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Day 7: What are you thankful for in our school?

Day 8: Please share why you are thankful for a member of our classroom.

Day 9: What could you do to show compassion this Thanksgiving?

Day 10: What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Day 11: How do you think the Pilgrims felt at the first Thanksgiving?

Day 12: How do you think the Native Americans felt at the first Thanksgiving?

Day 13: What is one thing you’ve done today that would make someone thankful for you?

Day 14: Who are you excited to see at Thanksgiving?

Day 15: Where would you like to take a trip to on Thanksgiving?

Day 16: How can you show someone you care this Thanksgiving?

Day 17: What is one thing that happened today that you are grateful for?

Day 18: What family member or friend are you most grateful for today?

Day 19: What is one thing you may take for granted that you should be thankful for?

Day 20: Who would you like to thank this Thanksgiving?

Day 21: Have you ever gone to visit a relative to celebrate Thanksgiving?

Day 22: What would you learn if you celebrated Thanksgiving with a friend?

Day 23: Who do you think is thankful for you? Why?

Day 24: Would you rather have a few guests or many guests for Thanksgiving dinner?

Day 25: What would you do if someone you knew didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving Day?

Day 26: What do you like to do after eating Thanksgiving dinner?

Day 27: Would you rather help cook or help clean on Thanksgiving?

Day 28: If you could invite anyone in the world to Thanksgiving dinner, who would it be?

Day 29: How would the first Thanksgiving be different if they had the technology we have today?

Day 30: What would you tell someone who isn’t from about Thanksgiving?