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Access the New Harmony Game Room App on Mobile

Access SEL lessons in the palm of your hand.

Harmony SEL is excited to launch the first phase of the Harmony Game Room app for mobile users. Get started with fully digitized Quick Connection Cards. Parents and caretakers will find this especially helpful while learning SEL at home, and QC Cards are just the beginning!


What’s Inside the First Game Room Launch?

Now it’s easier than ever to play, share, and revisit your favorite Quick Connection Cards — without a printer. Check out the user-friendly features that make Harmony Game Room’s first launch a great SEL tool for students and their families:

  1. Access all the Quick Connection Cards for upper and lower grades.

  1. Sort by category: Community Builders, Collaborations, and Conversations.

  1. Use the “Favorites” feature to save your favorite Meet Up and Buddy Up cards to use again and again.

  1. Unlock fun tokens for teachers, parents, and children while you learn with the Harmony SEL App (coming soon).

  1. Connect with the Spanish-language version of all Harmony content, available with a simple toggle.

How to Access Harmony Game Room
Harmony Game Room is available for iOS on iPad and iPhone. We are working diligently to make this available on Android devices soon, including Chromebook. You can download the app at no cost from the App Store now, and from Google Play as soon as we launch the Android version.

What’s Coming Up from Harmony Game Room?
We’re so glad you’re curious to find out. The Commonalities game is coming up next. Your students and children — and grown up family members, too — will enjoy learning about the commonalities you share with each other. You might even discover some surprises. Follow Harmony SEL on Facebook and Twitter and check the Online Learning Portal for the latest updates.


Playing is an important part of learning. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate Harmony Game Room into your remote classroom or at home!