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Access the New Harmony Virtual Instruction Toolkit

Access the New Harmony Virtual Instruction Toolkit

Adapt SEL Lessons and Activities to the needs of your remote classroom.

Now more than ever our students need opportunities to feel connected, comfortable, and part of a positive community of learners. We celebrate the commitment educators like you have made to integrate Harmony SEL in your online classrooms. To help you support your students’ social emotional learning in this new setting, we have developed the Harmony Virtual Instruction Toolkit. This new toolkit is packed with digital resources and practical strategies that bring Harmony Everyday Practices to life for your students.

Our Harmony Virtual Instruction Toolkit includes suggestions to optimize the SEL instruction you have already been implementing in the classroom for an online learning environment. All the activities in the Online Learning Portal can be printed to PDF for easy sharing with parents and caregivers.

  • Create virtual Harmony Goals that will foster a supportive community for your learners.
  • Discover our favorite tips to enrich your Meet Up experience and encourage student participation.
  • Try our Buddy Up recommendations to enhance your students’ sense of connection, motivation, and shared responsibility toward one another.
  • You will love using our Buddy Time Sing-Along Song ideas to energize students and help them focus. Virtual dance party, anyone?
  • Try multiple ways to engage your students and families with our Harmony storybooks.
  • Take time to bond and celebrate with activities for “Harmony Spirit Days!” You don’t want to miss out on the fun.

You’ll find all of these excellent teacher-tested suggestions and more. Whether you are teaching in a synchronous, asynchronous, or blended-learning classroom, we hope our Harmony Virtual Instruction Toolkit becomes a valuable planning asset as you transition from this school year to the next.