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Harmony is the program of choice for the 10 largest school districts in the U.S.

Harmony Partners Receive Exclusive Benefits

No Cost to Schools & Organizations

The Harmony program is available at no cost to schools and organizations across the country.

Customized Implementation

Our implementation specialists will work with you to successfully onboard and integrate Harmony into your community so your students and teachers can thrive.

Comprehensive Training & Support

Conducted by Harmony-certified presenters, our district-wide training and support services will help you successfully deliver Harmony in the classroom.

Why Choose Harmony SEL?

Diversity & Inclusion

Boys and girls learn to recognize and appreciate one another’s similarities and differences while promoting a community environment in and outside of the classroom.

Empathy & Critical Thinking

Children develop empathy (the ability to identify with and understand another person’s emotions), reduce stereotyped thinking, and learn critical thinking skills.


Healthy and unhealthy communication patterns are explored, and boys and girls practice effective ways of engaging with others.

Problem Solving

Students learn constructive approaches to resolving conflict, focusing on conflict-resolution steps that facilitate healthy relationship patterns.

Peer Relationships

Boys and girls practice positive social skills and learn the qualities that are important to friendship, the consequences of bullying, and how to provide peers with support.

The Top 10 Largest School Districts in the U.S. Choose Harmony

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No-Cost Family Engagement Tools

Keep your students’ families informed with take-home tools so parents can reinforce social emotional learning strategies at home.

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