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Building Inclusive Environments Project: Integrating Academic, Social, and Emotional Skill Development


A Collaboration with Houston Independent School District, New York City Public Schools, San Antonio Independent School District, Harmony SEL/ National University, and American Institutes for Research


Frequently Asked Questions (Pilot Study)


Why should my school want to participate in this pilot study?

Teachers often say they believe in social and emotional learning (SEL), but it is hard to integrate into classroom practice given their current demands. Teachers can be unsure of what SEL-academic integration means or looks like. Research shows that SEL enhances academic learning, and in fact, can be embedded and integrated with intention. Harmony SEL at National University is developing a new, innovative program model called “Harmony Integration” that guides educators to integrate SEL seamlessly into academic instruction. “Harmony Integration” includes implementation of Harmony SEL (Everyday Practices and Units, Lessons, & Activities) as a tool for academic supports.

What do teachers have to do?

We are asking you as a school leader and your 3rd to 5th grade teachers at your school to commit to a 2-year pilot study. In this pilot study, your teachers will receive 9 hours of professional learning in 2023-2024, 1 hour of coaching in 2024-2025, and useful tools they can immediately take back to their classrooms. Teachers in the pilot study are uniquely positioned to share input and provide feedback to improve and expand Harmony Integration, with a goal of making the program even more user-friendly for teachers and ultimately supporting student social, emotional, and academic development nationwide. Teachers are invited to participate in data collection activities, as shown below.


What incentives are available for teachers?

Incentives for teachers who participate in professional learning, coaching, and data collection activities will be provided. Please contact your District Lead for more information.


For any additional information or if you have questions, please contact Nick Yoder, PhD, at



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