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Educators Across the Country Find Value in Harmony SEL

See what teachers and SEL implementers had to say in our latest broad usage survey.

Since the inception of Harmony SEL, researchers have examined the benefits of our program in several studies (e.g., DeLay et al., 2016; Hanish et al., 2016; Miller et al., 2017). The initial research found that students who participated in Harmony experienced a variety of positive results. These outcomes include increased writing and math performance, friendship development with diverse peer groups, relationship-building with feelings of inclusion, and engagement in school, as well as decreases in teasing and aggression.

From the research, we know that Harmony produces positive effects in youth. We also want to understand the perceptions of educators who have used the program. In 2019, a group of 999 teachers, school counselors, instructional coaches, SEL learning specialists, speech-language pathologists, and site coordinators responded to a survey about their use of Harmony SEL from the Center for Research and Reform in Education at Johns Hopkins University. This easy-to-read infographic presents educators’ survey responses reflecting their reactions to Harmony, perceived impacts on students’ competencies, and how often they used Harmony resources. Download and review the infographic here:

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