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Enhanced Harmony SEL Unit Now Available

Enhanced Harmony SEL Unit Now Available

Here at Harmony SEL, we’ve been working on improving our social and emotional learning materials to enhance the Harmony experience for you and your students. Much of what you know and love about Harmony is staying the same, but we’re excited to introduce the first two phases of Harmony Third Edition to you today!

Here’s what you can access so far:

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Enhancements to Everyday Practices

In addition to refreshing our existing Everyday Practices, we’ve added two new Everyday Practices: Personal Harmony Goals and Mindful Minutes. Your students can now track their personal goals as well as class goals, and take a Mindful Minute to check in with themselves and exercise their ability to self-regulate.

Building Community Pre-Unit

In our new Building Community Pre-Unit, we provide a day-by-day plan to introduce or reinvigorate your Everyday Practices during the first ten days of Harmony SEL, as well as our getting-to-know-you activities that help create a welcoming classroom community.

Unit 3: Communicating With Each Other

Take a look at refreshed lessons, activities, and stories to support teaching students effective communication strategies, including updated academic integration suggestions and educator SEL options!

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Unit 4: Learning From Each Other

Unit 4 has been renamed “Learning From Each Other,” and it helps students learn constructive ways to approach and solve problems while building healthy relationships and strengthening friendships. The enhanced unit has new lessons, activities, and stories for you to introduce to your students! The activities are now only 20 minutes long, with optional introduction and closing sections if you would like to engage in a longer activity.

Digital Resources

Keep up with the latest in SEL research on our research page, or introduce new songs to your students with our updated songs and lyrics pages !

Once all phases of the Third Edition are rolled out, you’ll find access to a data dashboard, educator SEL strategies and self-assessment instruments, suggestions for academic integration, aligned literature guides, digital games, aligned on-demand Inspire Teaching & Learning modules, and more.

Ready to give Harmony Third Edition a try? When you access your Harmony Online Learning Portal, click the button at the top of the page to easily toggle between Second Edition and Third Edition!

If you would like support in transitioning from Second Edition to Third Edition, we’re here to help! Live training sessions can be accessed from the Online Learning Portal and include:

  • Harmony Third Edition Overview
  • Refresh Your Everyday Practices with Harmony Third Edition
  • Everyday Practices for New Users of Harmony Third Edition

More Third Edition updates will roll out in the coming months, so keep an eye on our blog for updates. We hope you enjoy the enhanced content!

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Future Updates

Phase Three icon

Unit 1: Being My Best Self, Out of School Time (OST) Units 3 and 4

Phase Four icon

Unit 2: Valuing Each Other, OST Units 1 and 2

Phase Five icon

Digital Games, Educator Self-Assessment, Data Dashboard, OST Lessons

Phase Six icon

Unit 5: Supporting the Community, Culminating Unit Projects, Aligned Literature Guides, On-demand Trainings, CCSS Alignment