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Building Student Friendships Across the Racial Divide

Building Student Friendships Across the Racial Divide webinar

Presented by:

  • Dr. Melissa Collins, 2nd grade teacher, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Mr. Michael Dunlea, 3rd grade teacher, Tabernacle, New Jersey

In this one-hour webinar, two award-winning educators Dr. Melissa Collins and Mr. Michael Dunlea will share how they have maximized HarmonySEL activities to achieve learning experiences that build both empathy and understanding. Participants will learn strategies to foster relationships and connect with a diverse group of students and others. The presenters will also share how their students’ perspectives continue to evolve on race relations given the current events that underscore inequities and continued protests to create more equitable institutions. You will not want to miss this inspirational story of how two classrooms with young students from very different backgrounds have collaborated and developed lifelong friendships, while learning how to advocate for equity for all.