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#SEL Day: Uplifting Hearts and Connecting Minds

Join us for our one-hour webinar, where several distinguished panelists will share strategies that support the social-emotional well-being of educators and students alike and the overall impact this has on educator performance and students’ academic growth. Get ready to celebrate #SELDay with these inspirational stories to uplift your heart and connect your mind! In this webinar, viewers will:

  1. Explore why it’s crucial to consider social and emotional learning within education.
  2. Discuss strategies for supporting social and emotional learning in educators and students.
  3. Hear some examples of how the Harmony program’s Everyday Practices are a means of uplifting hearts and connecting minds in the classroom.
  4. Learn about how our new Educator SEL Inspire modules can further support the well-being of teachers and staff.


Kenyatte A. Reid
Executive Director
New York City Department of Education
Office of Safety and Youth Development

Daryl Williams
Assistant Principal
Southwest Charlotte STEM Academy
Charlotte, North Carolina

To celebrate #SELday, we are shipping one complimentary Harmony Z plush doll to each registered participant (in the US only). Don’t miss this unique opportunity!