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The Power of Adult SEL in Youth Development

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Youth development organizations play a key role in developing the social emotional skills of youth and their staff. Staff well-being, their beliefs and skills are key pillars to organizational readiness for SEL implementation. Join us for an engaging and impactful webinar hearing perspectives from national leaders on effective strategies for developing role models and mentors through afterschool, youth sports, and any out-of-school time setting.

In this webinar, viewers will:

  • Explore the Stop, Think, and Act Strategies to identify organizational readiness, specifically staff well-being, beliefs and skills that influence implementation of SEL in Out of-School Time learning environments.
  • Hear about strategies for how staff well-being and capacity building can impact youth outcomes.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of SEL skills supported through healthy role models and mentors in youth development in our new on-demand Coach-Mentor Blueprint module.


  • Jessy Newman, Senior Researcher, American Insitute for Research, AIR
  • Dr. Katlin Okamoto, Director, Coach-Mentor Training, U.S. Soccer Foundation
  • Daniel Hatcher, Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alliance for a Healthier Generation