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The Power of Listening With Compassion and Mindfulness

Carolyn McKanders

Presented by:

  • Carolyn McKanders, Director Emeritus for Thinking Collaborative

Join us for this one-hour webinar as we explore the powerful and impactful ways to build equitable relationships and create psychologically safe spaces for transformational conversations through conscious, authentic listening. Many people unconsciously listen to respond instead of listening to reflect caring, understanding, and empathy. As you engage in this webinar, you will develop strategies that deepen quality human connections with others that are more collaborative, productive, and fulfilling.

Our presenter Carolyn McKanders, the Director Emeritus for Thinking Collaborative, is passionate about supporting quality human relationships by promoting self-love, communication, collaboration, and leadership skills development. Her new book, β€œIt’s Your Turn: Teachers As Facilitators,” provides teacher-leaders with robust mental models and practical tools for conducting productive collaborative meetings. One of her new books will be raffled off during the live webinar.

Ms. McKanders will be joined by Melody Hawkins, our National University Southeast Regional Teacher of the Year, who will reflect on her experience with strong intrapersonal communication as both a teacher leader and high school administrator.


  • Understand the power of listening with compassion and mindfulness in daily communications in the classroom and community.
  • Reflect on how an awareness of diversity and difference influences understanding in conversations.
  • Increase awareness of how reflective paraphrasing conveys empathy and enhances understanding.

Harmony Third Edition Connection: Communicating with Others
In Unit 3, students learn a range of social and communication skills, including ways to support effective communication and ways to avoid communication mishaps. They learn about verbal and nonverbal communication and how to adapt to different settings, including when participating in teamwork.