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NEW Out-of-School Time (OST) Third Edition Lessons Are Here!

“OST providers have many competing requirements to fulfill in their short time with students. That’s why I’m excited to share the new Harmony OST Edition. It builds the foundation yet remains flexible in its practices to create the ‘secret sauce’ to a healthy and happy environment for kids to grow and learn!” —Lauren Puzen, Chief of Strategy, Harmony SEL


We Are Thrilled to Announce Harmony SEL Third Edition Out-of-School Time Lessons Are Here!


Snuggle up with a cup of coffee — or herbal tea — and take some uninterrupted time to explore the Harmony portal and familiarize yourself with the content.

Communication is an essential part of healthy relationships. Without it, it’s difficult to learn and thrive in multiple environments. With the latest OST lessons in Harmony Third Edition, students can practice their communication skills in quick snapshots to help them thrive and form meaningful relationships. Topics include:

  • Whole-body listening 
  • Conversation bloopers and boosters 
  • Using conversation “dos” 
  • Using words to tell a story 

Since these lessons are short yet substantive, they’re perfect for any out-of-school staff member, volunteers, high schoolers, education-oriented college students, and experienced OST professionals. 


OST Third Edition Highlights

In Harmony Third Edition, lessons are created for Out-of-School Time.

  • Designed to be used by Out-of-School Time professionals (i.e., coordinators, coaches, facilitators, volunteers, etc.).
  • Applicable to multiple age groups in one setting through grade banding for upper and lower grades.
  • Upper-grade and lower-grade lessons aligned to each Harmony unit.
  • Concepts are introduced in a bite-sized format.
  • Lessons open with one of three suggested Quick Connections: a Conversation Starter, Collaboration topic, or Community Builder.
  • Lessons follow a four-step process of Get Ready, Get Set, Go!, and Stop and Reflect.



OST Highlights for Providers:

In Harmony Third Edition, lessons are created for Out-of-School Time. Perks include:

  • Promotes healthy relationships and social wellness within out-of-school environments.
  • Supports the Unit Themes through highly engaging activities.
  • Offers device-friendly format (i.e., can be printed for use at the playground, cafeteria, or in other non-classroom facilities).
  • Requires little or no materials.
  • Allows for work in small or large groups with provider facilitation tips.

Out-of-School Time is the perfect place to foster healthy relationships. Lessons from the OST Third Edition give you all the benefits and connection to Harmony resources while honoring the uniqueness and flexibility of after-school.

We hope you enjoy what Third Edition has to offer and look forward to continuing the work of social and emotional learning in our schools and surrounding communities.


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