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New Research Suggests Consistent Implementation Leads to SEL Success

Read the latest brief from Harmony SEL and Johns Hopkins University

Ever wonder how consistently implementing social and emotional learning (SEL) influences student outcomes as they learn and grow? Social and emotional development is a priority among educators and school leaders who may activate many strategies and supports, such as Harmony SEL, to reach their goals.

We want SEL practitioners and administrators to be successful, so we partnered with researchers at Johns Hopkins University to take an in-depth look at what Harmony schools experience when they use the program over time. By observing a group of Harmony Showcase Schools, researchers found out how principals, teachers, and students responded to Harmony in their first and second years of implementation. We found that teachers implemented the program more consistently and with improved implementation in their second year.

While putting a schoolwide program like Harmony into practice can be challenging, especially during the initial execution, the research in this study suggests that when schools sustain their implementation past the initial growing pains, they find even more benefits beyond the first year. Read the full research brief to learn how educators and students engaged with Harmony in both years one and two. Based on the findings, you will discover potential implications to take back to your setting to implement Harmony successfully.

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