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New SEL Tools to Check Out This Summer

Harmony SEL is introducing its Online Professional Learning Library, which includes a number of online tools and resources to enhance the Harmony experience. Teachers and staff are able to access training, helpful SEL modules, support materials, and even the Harmony toolkit while on the go. Here are all the exciting new features that can be accessed right now!

Online Training

Teachers and staff can register for individual or group online training sessions. Upon completion of training, they will each receive a certificate, and will be well prepared to implement Harmony into classrooms. Watching the group training sessions during grade-level planning time offers teachers the chance to chat with one another about strategies appropriate for their teaching situations. In some school districts, the certificates received after the training sessions can be evidence that is submitted for salary or position advancement.

Digital Kits

Harmony SEL kits just got a new look and are available through the Online Professional Learning Library! Kits include storybooks, games, grade-specific lesson plan books, and Quick Connection Cards. If teachers lesson plan at home, all of the digital teacher resources and lesson plans are accessible on home computers—no more dragging home heavy teacher editions when teachers make use of Harmony online resources.

Hablamos Español

The Harmony SEL Digital kits for Pre-K through second grade will be available in Spanish on the Online Professional Learning Library this summer.

On-Demand SEL Modules

SEL-focused professional development modules will be available online in the coming weeks. You can view the modules at any time to support planning and implementation of Harmony activities, including:

– Affirming Difference and Valuing Background Knowledge

– Teachers as Agents of Change

– Working Against Racial Bias

Support Materials

Teachers and staff can watch helpful webinars and access other support materials (i.e. short videos) to refresh their skills and learn new SEL techniques to apply in the classroom. The brief videos of real kids and adults will assist teachers in thinking about ways to implement Harmony activities in their classrooms. The videos are organized by grade level, so teachers can view those that are most applicable to their teaching situations.

Sanford SEL App

Harmony SEL has launched the Sanford SEL app for grades Pre-K through second grade, so teachers and staff can access storybooks, Quick Connection Cards, and Meet Up discussion topics, and organize buddies for Buddy Up activities right from an Android tablet or iPad. The app can also be used for keeping track of student and classroom SEL progress, and for SEL lesson planning while on the go. If there are particular students in classrooms that need evidence of social-emotional-behavioral monitoring, this tool can be used specifically for individual students. Their progress shown by use of this tool can be the basis for discussion with school personnel.

What are you waiting for? To register for the Online Professional Learning Library and start enhancing your Harmony experience today contact a Harmony SEL Online Ambassador at