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Participate in a Study with Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Learn how you can take part in innovative research about adult SEL.

Inspire and Harmony are thrilled to sponsor an innovative new study conducted by our partners at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. In an effort to inform research and policy and support the social and emotional health of pre-K–12 educators across the country, Yale researchers Marc Brackett, James Floman, and Annette Ponnock will lead a study on equity in educator well-being. The goal of the study is to gain actionable knowledge on educator’s emotional resilience and health in the context of ongoing crises throughout the United States.

As we center the question of equity, it is essential that this study hears and represents a diverse group of perspectives. We specifically encourage Black and Latinx educators and their colleagues to participate in this dynamic work. Your participation will help us understand how we can improve the psychological well-being of educators affected by current and historical crises. 

Right now, it’s critical we understand how educators, in particular educators of color, engage in self-care, and the systems and structures that afford educators time, space, and relationships to build resilience and take care of themselves, so they can better take care of their students,” says Dr. Nick Yoder, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Harmony. “We encourage educators in our community to engage in this innovative research as it will inform policies and practices that home in on educators’ experiences right now and deepen understanding of current equity considerations.”

You can get started today! Participation involves completing four (4) surveys for a total of $70 in Amazon gift cards:  

  • Click here to complete a 25-minute survey today and receive a $10 Amazon gift card. 
  • Complete a 25-minute survey in December 2020 and receive a $15 Amazon gift card. 
  • Complete a 25-minute survey in February 2021 and receive a $20 Amazon gift card. 
  • Complete a 25-minute survey in April 2021 and receive a $25 Amazon gift card.

Participants will also receive digital well-being resources and a report of study findings. To participate in the study, and learn with us start here:


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Thank you for your dedication to providing quality learning experiences for your students. We look forward to hearing from you as we pursue research in equity and well-being among educators.