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Harmony Game Room Updates

Check out the latest mobile-friendly updates and activities!


We have big news about Harmony Game Room. You can now download the mobile app for Android devices from Google Play. Access all the fun on your phone or Chromebook at no cost. The app is also available for Apple devices from The App Store, so everyone can bring engaging SEL activities to life at home or in a blended-learning classroom.

What Else Is New for Harmony Game Room?

The newest additions to Harmony Game Room will boost inclusion and respect, foster moments of reflection, and develop relaxing habits through mindfulness for children and adults.


Commonalities Game: The digital version of this beloved Harmony game will help your students and children discover what they have in common with peers and family members while learning to embrace the differences that make us each unique.


Tick Talk: Make space for students to share and reflect on what they have learned with the new Tick Talk feature.


Relaxation Stations: Students and adults can reset, relax, and refocus with Relaxation Stations. Practice mindfulness with the latest activities, Breathe — a calming, animated breathing exercise — and the relaxing, distraction-busting Focus. More activities are coming soon!


Tokens: Unlock fun tokens for teachers, parents, and boys and girls while you learn with the Harmony Game Room. Keep an eye out for Z, our special friend from outer space!


How to Access Harmony Game Room

Harmony Game Room is available for iOS on iPad and iPhone and Android devices including Chromebook. Download the app for your mobile device at no cost.



What’s Coming Up from Harmony Game Room?

We have many more games and features in store for you and your students. If you have apps set to update automatically, you’ll be sure to get each new release as soon as it becomes available. You can also follow Harmony on Facebook and Twitter and check the Online Learning Portal for the latest updates. We love staying connected with you — share your experiences with us as you play!