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Read SEL Best Practices for School Leaders and Principals

Access the latest research-to-practice brief from Johns Hopkins University and Harmony SEL. 

School leaders have a clear role to play in supporting social and emotional learning (SEL) within their schools and with their out-of-school time partners. Many school leaders want to implement SEL but face key challenges when they attempt to integrate SEL programming into their school structure. Common challenges include lack of instructional time, inadequate implementation support, and limited common knowledge of SEL practices among teachers and support staff. We partnered with Johns Hopkins University to find research-based solutions and practices that school leaders and principals can activate for successful SEL integration and outcomes, particularly when schools and communities implement Harmony SEL.  

Download our latest research-to-practice brief, full of best practices that support schoolwide implementation of SEL programs and practices.

This new research gives particular attention to strategies and research support related to Harmony, an evidence-based SEL program affiliated with National University, and to other approaches used by school leaders nationally, to promote effective implementation of SEL in their schools. This report builds on work presented in an earlier brief developed for classroom teachers (Reilly, Yoder, Ross, et al., 2021). Access the brief for teachers here.

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